More Ways to Use Instagram For Real Estate

by Brandon Barker on Jun 24, 2013

Chances are you’re already hooked on Instagram, the photo sharing web site that allows you to share and comment on photos. But did you also know that it’s becoming a major real estate marketing tool? In the world of social media, words and links are taking a back seat to images and video. This is great news for real estate agent marketing, since our “products” are all...

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How to Improve Your Real Estate Web Site

by Brandon Barker on Jun 19, 2013

Now that you’ve opened your real estate business into the world of social media, you might feel like you have several web properties to manage on a daily and weekly basis. And then you remember that, yes, you still have a web site. While your social media accounts and blog might put a customer service face on things, people will probably next gravitate to your web site. Have you made i...

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How to Use Your Smartphone for Real Estate Video Marketing

by Brandon Barker on Jun 11, 2013

How important is video to real estate marketing? According to the California Association of Realtors, sellers are 73% more likely to sign with a real estate agent who incorporates video in his/her real estate marketing strategy. However, calculates that only .8% of real estate professionals are actually using video on a regular basis. Taking into account that more than 100 millio...

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The Painless Path to Reputation Marketing

by Brandon Barker on Jun 07, 2013

How many times have you been surveyed today? The escalating trend in customer satisfaction surveys has increased so much lately that you might dread even the smallest query to a technical support number, sales support representative or—gasp—trip to the grocery store. Inevitably at the end of the interaction, you’re asked to spare a few moments to “rate” the expe...

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How to Avoid Paperwork Nightmares

by Brandon Barker on Jun 04, 2013

Real estate agents who vow to go paperless have a tough road to hoe. Some states, like California for instance, require 40-50 forms for a simple single-family home transaction. Since much of your business paperwork has legal compliance implications, it’s wise to start thinking about putting into place a real estate paperwork system. Our content partner a href="

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