A Good Open House Can Sell More Than Just a Home

by Brandon Barker on Mar 06, 2013

Though winter weather is still swirling across the country, spring is almost here and open houses are a real draw for the weekend house hunter. Social media and the internet have revolutionized the way we buy and sell homes, but for some real estate agents, the open house is still the best way to market not only your listing but also yourself, i.e. your reputation and customer service skills...

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Four People Skills That Will Help Your Real Estate Business

by Brandon Barker on Feb 27, 2013

As a Realtor, your job is customer service. Whether you work for a brokerage or consider yourself a gunslinger, your reputation and interpersonal skills are the things that help you gain and retain clients that keep your business going year in and out. Social media tools play a major role in building this brand and generating new customers, but you also want to adopt some best practices for ...

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How Client Reviews Boost Your Real Estate Business

by Brandon Barker on Feb 21, 2013

The old saying is true: Everybody’s a critic. Especially now. When you think back to the pre-Web 2.0 era, the only people reviewing products and services were industry “experts.” Now, the world of online marketing has, for the most part, opened itself to criticism and praise from anyone who uses services or buys products. And consumers are beginning to trust and rely upon t...

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Bring Some Vision to Your Real Estate Marketing

by Brandon Barker on Feb 19, 2013

If you’ve ever—even for a moment—dreamed about being a movie director, you’ve most likely planned out your first film shot by shot. And like all great movies, something about the visual storytelling captures our emotions. Even if you just remotely know what I’m referring to here, you’ll want to bring the same kind of vision to your real estate marketing. V...

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Build Your Real Estate Business From the Client Up

by Brandon Barker on Feb 15, 2013

What sets you apart as a Realtor? Superior customer service. And if you ask most prospects about what they appreciate most in a real estate agent, they will often say “they were easily reachable by phone, text and email.” Effective real estate agent marketing is mostly about being reachable by prospects looking for real estate services in your location and within your area of exp...

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