Quiz: Are You Keeping In Touch With Clients?

by Brandon Barker on Jul 10, 2013

What sets you apart as a real estate agent? There could be many answers to that question, but “superior customer service” is at the top. And if you ask most potential real estate clients about what they appreciate most in a Realtor, they will often say “they were easily reachable by phone, text and email.” In a nutshell, effective real estate agent marketing is mostly...

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Top Irvine, CA Real Estate Agent Sylvia Jonathan

by Brandon Barker on Jul 03, 2013

Homeowners looking to sell their homes have a lot of things to consider. Price is one, market timing is another, and don’t forget important details like where you’re going to relocate and the timing involved in that decision. But what about the Realtor? Ask anyone who’s ever been involved in a real estate transaction and they’ll tell you that this decision has a major...

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More Ways to Use Instagram For Real Estate

by Brandon Barker on Jun 24, 2013

Chances are you’re already hooked on Instagram, the photo sharing web site that allows you to share and comment on photos. But did you also know that it’s becoming a major real estate marketing tool? In the world of social media, words and links are taking a back seat to images and video. This is great news for real estate agent marketing, since our “products” are all...

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How to Improve Your Real Estate Web Site

by Brandon Barker on Jun 19, 2013

Now that you’ve opened your real estate business into the world of social media, you might feel like you have several web properties to manage on a daily and weekly basis. And then you remember that, yes, you still have a web site. While your social media accounts and blog might put a customer service face on things, people will probably next gravitate to your web site. Have you made i...

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How to Use Your Smartphone for Real Estate Video Marketing

by Brandon Barker on Jun 11, 2013

How important is video to real estate marketing? According to the California Association of Realtors, sellers are 73% more likely to sign with a real estate agent who incorporates video in his/her real estate marketing strategy. However, Realtor.com calculates that only .8% of real estate professionals are actually using video on a regular basis. Taking into account that more than 100 millio...

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