How Client Reviews Can Set You Apart

by Brandon Barker on May 21, 2013

Whether you run your own real estate operation or work for a big broker, you always want to be developing your skills, learning more about your community and improving your customer service skills. At the same time, you want to be marketing your real estate reputation every way possible, and there’s really no better way these days to sell a product or service than to gather and public ...

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Improve the Timing of Your Real Estate Emails

by Brandon Barker on May 17, 2013

Social media hasn’t changed the business of real estate entirely: Cold-calling and pavement pounding still have a place in real estate agent marketing, but email and e-connectivity have made staying in touch with clients, prospects and even colleagues on your mailing list a lot simpler. But, there’s a right way and a right time to “pulse” home buyers and sellers.


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Your Guide to Going Tech

by Brandon Barker on May 09, 2013

As you plow through a busy spring real estate season, you’re most likely coming across clients and prospects who are more into technology than you. These days, Trulia, Zillow and other real estate apps are keeping consumers connected and informed about listings and trends. So, you might be looking for a quick, simple and free way to find tech solutions for your business.

RE Tech...

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Give Your Real Estate Content Strategy a Local Focus

by Brandon Barker on May 03, 2013

When offering advice on their craft, most writers, authors and journalists will say, “write what you know.” This same advice can be applied to your real estate content strategy. A Realtor’s next question might be, “well, what do I know?” The answer is, a whole lot.

img src="" al...

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Keeping Up With the New Twitter Features

by Brandon Barker on Apr 30, 2013

Real estate content will always be something that people search, but social media tools make it easier for real estate content to be shared with clients and prospects. And, hopefully, shared and shared and shared. Twitter, as you probably know, is a great and simple way to communicate thoughts and share links with your followers. Twitter has a product called Cards that makes it possible to e...

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