Why Client Reviews Are Working For Real Estate

by Brandon Barker on Jul 24, 2013

The world of real estate marketing has, in the last few years, opened itself up to criticism and praise from home buyers and sellers. And it’s about time. Like product marketing on Amazon and other merchant sites, prospects looking for a new real estate agent are beginning to trust and rely upon real estate agent reviews before signing listing agreements.

The business of real es...

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Why Social Media Works for Real Estate

by Brandon Barker on Jul 19, 2013

Most real estate agents using social media might say the following: “yes, I’m using social media, but I have no idea if it’s working.” Of course, if a new client or prospect comes right out and says they found you on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or some other social network, or if a past client wrote a real estate agent review ab...

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Real Estate Apps for Every Stage of the Game

by Brandon Barker on Jul 18, 2013

Most likely, your listing agreement meeting with your latest real estate client involved some smartphone action, exchanging cell and email contact info, and so on. Real estate agents who are really connected, however, might also have suggested the clients download an app or two to make the home search go smoothly, whether that’s Zillow, Truilia or something similar. This serves two pur...

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How to Capture the International Market

by Brandon Barker on Jul 12, 2013

We’ve always encouraged real estate agents to “think locally” in the real estate marketing. In fact, it’s crucial to emphasize to your clients and prospects that you are indeed the right person to find them a home in a particular part of the country by becoming an authority on your service area. But that doesn’t mean you should think locally exclusively. As the ...

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Quiz: Are You Keeping In Touch With Clients?

by Brandon Barker on Jul 10, 2013

What sets you apart as a real estate agent? There could be many answers to that question, but “superior customer service” is at the top. And if you ask most potential real estate clients about what they appreciate most in a Realtor, they will often say “they were easily reachable by phone, text and email.” In a nutshell, effective real estate agent marketing is mostly...

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