If your business is slowing.. check this first!

by Suresh Srinivasan on Oct 05, 2010

Many business owners who’ve experienced success in the past tend to fall into a trap. They stop thinking about whether their client’s behavior has changed. This is especially true in highly dynamic markets like real estate where technology’s played a huge role.

Though the service you offer may still be the same it always has, you have to stop and think about where your potential customers get their information, how they make the decision to ‘buy’ or not, and what traits they value most.

There was a great blog post by Les McKeown over at Predictable Success about this very topic and he sums it up nicely:

Does your business growth seem sluggish? Not sure why? Then chances are, you’re seeing your target customer / client through a distorted, out-of-date lens.
The answer? No matter how much you love them, don’t allow your current customers to act as an echo chamber for your misperceptions.

Instead, go talk with very recent prospects – especially those you didn’t land as customers or clients. They’ll tell you what they were looking for that you didn’t see or ‘get’. Re-calibrate accordingly.

Hope you can make this kind of reflection a standard practice in your business..

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